Club History

The Portland Illini Club has been in operation since the mid 1980's.

We hold basketball and football game watches during the season.  Please see the "events" link.

We usually have several gatherings a year.  In the past we've hosted:
 * Medicare 7, 8 or 9
 * Dr. Douglas Brewer - professor of Archeology
 * Dr. Jim Painter - Nutritionist
 * Tony Tangora - Assistant Director, Club Programs from the UIAA
 * William Hammack - NPR's "Engineer Guy" 
 * Happy hour with Jerry Hester - UIAA Board Member, Men's Basketball announcer and Big Ten team champion

In addition we've held the following field trips:
 * Oregon Symphony
 * Baseball games
 * Picnics
 * Guide Dogs for the Blind
 * Golfing
 * OPB pledge nights

We attend every Illini game in the area including the Illini at the Pape` Jam, University of Portland women's soccer, U. of O.'s women's basketball and wrestling at PSU. 

We want to know what kind of activities you like to attend.  Send your feedback to Jill Townley at