The Scholarship Committee is proud to announce that the 2023-2024 Illini Club of Portland scholarship has been awarded to August Glasheen and Luo-Wei An.


Luo-Wei (Fiona) An from Portland is graduating from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in May 2024. Fiona has been kind enough to provide our club with an update:

"Studying at the University of Illinois has been a catalyst for profound personal transformation. As a first-generation college student majoring in biochemistry, the challenges were monumental, both academically and financially. The scholarship support from your club has not only alleviated financial burdens but has also allowed me to thrive in the diverse and vibrant academic environment here at Illinois. I've embraced opportunities for research, leadership, and community engagement. The experience has fostered resilience, adaptability, and a global perspective. I am grateful for this transformative journey and excited to continue making meaningful contributions to the university community and beyond. Thank you for being a crucial part of my success."


August Glasheen from Portland attends the Grainger College of Engineering.


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