img_3822Illinois students raise money for cancer research while riding their bikes across the country

The Illini 4000 bicycle team will be rolling through Portland on Monday, July 29th and staying at a member's house in Troutdale. The club is organizing a home-cooked dinner for them in the evening and we could use your help. The club is supplying hamburgers, veggie burgers, and salmon burgers for the riders and could use a few large dishes to help feed this hungry crew.

Please contact to volunteer to bring a side dish, veggie tray, green salad, fruit salad, or dessert item. We could use a grillmaster and kitchen helper for dinner, and a donation of 5 lbs. of cooked bacon for breakfast the next morning. (Note: one of the riders has a nut allergy so no nuts is very important.)

Thank you to the University of Illinois Alumni Association for helping sponsor this event.